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Two additional relays internal to each Con-Verse module means audio streaming is no longer limited to just the front two speakers of the vehicle. Users of Con-Verse systems can now experience high fidelity A2DP audio streaming from all speakers during every phone call, song, or video.
An upgraded Bluetooth chip provides enhancements to mobile device interactivity including easier access to functions like voice commands, music control, and application launching.

Product Warranty: 3 Year/36,000 Mile

Why Con-Verse Bluetooth?

The Con-Verse Bluetooth system was designed from the ground up to make interacting with your mobile device less of a distraction while driving by keeping your hands free and your eyes on the road.

Without Con-Verse Bluetooth

The process of answering your cellular phone while driving can be hazardous and potentially costly. Between the scramble of looking for the phone and looking at the screen to answer it the road no longer has your undivided attention.

With Con-Verse Bluetooth

With the Con-Verse system in your car your phone automatically connects everytime you start your car, incoming calls silence the radio and can be answered with the push of a button right in front of you.

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