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Collision Avoidance Systems

We know that parking lots and businesses can get hectic which is why at Nagy FleetNet we provide you with solutions to help with avoiding the potential of back-up accidents with the help of rear camera systems and rear sensing systems.

Mirrors and Monitors

5" and 7" Pedestal Mount Monitors

3.5" Monitor - Retains OnStar, Compass, and Temperature Gauge

5" and 7" Stem Mount Monitors

4.3" Monitor - Available with Standard Mount or Twist Mount, Available with Auto Dimming Mirror Display

Blindspot Cameras and OEM Interfaces

Low profile CMOS color cameras blend neatly with the vehicle’s sideview mirrors providing drivers with views of obstructed areas often present in work vans and larger vehicles.

Both universal and vehicle specific applications to fit a wide array of fleet vehicles.

Blind spot camera

  • 1/4″ CMOS sensor
  • Operates at 0.1 LUX
  • IP67 water/debris-proof rating
  • 80 degree viewing angle
  • Self-Adhesive
  • Adjustable Camera orientation

7.3” Rearview Mirror Monitor

  • Split Screen Capability
  • 3 Video Inputs (Rear, Left, Right)
  • 3 Individual Triggers (Reverse, Lef
  • Turn Signal, Right Turn Signal)
  • Adjustable Parking Lines
  • Remote Control Included
  • Auto-dimming Display

Rear Sensing Systems

Microwave Backup Sensing System

  • Picks Up Objects As Far As 12’ From The Bumper
  • Work In All Conditions, No External Cleaning, Or Maintenance
  • Automatically Resets Once The Object Is No Longer Detected
  • Green, Yellow, Red LED Indicator
  • Available With Soft Or Loud Piezo
  • Works On Any Vehicle Length

Ultrasonic Backup Sensing System

  • Picks Up Objects As Far As 7’ From The Bumper
  • Waterproof Sensors and Connectors
  • Available With 10.7’, 19.7’, and 25’ Harness
  • 0°, 6°, and 12° Angled Bezels For Adjusting Sensors
  • In Bumper Or Under Bumper Installation
  • Audible Alarm With Hi/Low Setting
  • May Be Installed Onto Trucks, SUV’s, and Cars

Trailer Recognition Module

  • May Be Added To Any Backup Sensing System
  • Automatically Disables Backup Sensing System When A Trailer Is Detected

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