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Custom Wire Harness Manufacturing

In 2007 Nagy FleetNet started manufacturing wire harnesses in house to help aid with the installation of aftermarket electronics. What started as a small in house operation quickly developed into an ISO Compliant harness shop in order to fulfill customer demand. Our wire harness division now specializes in small to medium custom harnesses for Automotive (Consumer and Fleet), Commercial, the RV Industry, and Industrial applications.

Custom Wire Harnesses

As a requested and important value added service, we provide wire harness, plug termination and kitting services to many upfitter and manufacturer customers. Our ability to do custom jobs, large or small, and at competitive prices has been an asset in reducing costs, streamlining and standardizing production processes for 12-volt electronic related installations.

Wire Harness & Plug Termination Summation:

  • Custom harness design and assembly
  • Capable of offering desired sealed or unsealed terminations for
    • AMP
    • DUETCH
    • MOLEX
    • JST

Complimented by:

  • State of the art machine controlled wire and strip length for gauges 24 to 10.
  • Experienced in light, medium, and heavy duty truck auxiliary lights and power distribution harnessing.
  • Security switch and light harnessing for rear truck caps, toppers, service bodies, dump and flat bed trucks.
  • Industrial and automotive control circuits, power circuits, battery cables, ground straps, box work, potting, twisted wire applications, shielded and non-shielded cable.
  • Professional drawings for both in-house use and customer references.
  • Controlled quality assurance.
  • Excellent customer service and on-time delivery.
  • Quick turn around on quotes from customer supplied samples or prints.
  • Competitive pricing
  • We can handle small and large quantity runs.

You're wire harness demands are specific and unique to your business, contact us for more on our wire harness capabilities.